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How we fit hinges to all our bespoke cabinets

How we fit hinges to all our bespoke cabinets

Andy has over 30 years in the industry and is a very safe pair of hands. He approaches a job in the time-honoured way of the furniture maker…planning, setting out and sequencing his work to a well-practiced routine. Even down to a simple task such as fitting a traditional brass butt hinge there is a sequence that must be followed.

Hear from Andy about how he expertly fits the hinges to all our bespoke cabinetry.

Fitting the door hinges to our our bespoke cabinetry

‘Setting out where the hinge is to go, I mark the edge of the hinge to line up with the top or bottom rail of the door. Historically, the whole job was done with chisel and mallet but now we use an electric router… a power tool with a small cutting blade that spins at 1000 times a minute!

I clamp the router hinge jig in place and set the router up with a profile cutter… This cuts to the required depth removing the unwanted material.

How we fit hinges to all our bespoke cabinets

After removing the jig, the edges of the cut area are squared off by hand using a sharp chisel making sure the cut out is the exact size of the hinge.

How we fit hinges to all our bespoke cabinets

Holding the hinge in place, I centre drill a pilot hole for the screws and finally fix in place with the correct screws.

With all the hinges in place on the door, I hold it in the opening and mark the position of each hinge on the frame. The whole process is then repeated for each hinge.

It’s time consuming but incredibly satisfying to see each hinge seated perfectly with crisp square edges all around them’

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By Andrew Cartwright21/04/2020
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