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Chrissi: My lockdown experience

Chrissi: My Lockdown Experience

The kitchen, already the central point of many homes, has become a busy hub. It's no longer just a place for preparing and cooking meals; it's a space for fun family activities, the room where homeschooling gets done, an office for those working from home and it’s where we eat and congregate. Our SieMatic kitchen designer Chrissi writes about her experience of lockdown during coronavirus. Her feelings of a kitchen under pressure will resonate with many.

'I moved into my one bedroom apartment in leafy Nether Edge around three and a half years ago. As a first home, it’s been perfect and has suited me well, although even before all this I was starting to get itchy feet and in search of somewhere with a bit more space… My kitchen is tiny and at the back of the flat (ground floor and tanked) so has no window or natural light. As someone who is used to flitting between the six stunning displays in our light and bright showroom, I’ve missed having a choice between the space, appliances and feel of each. Workspace is definitely what I am lacking in the most. I have about 60cm2 of usable space to do all my prep and then clear before serving. And don’t get me started on the sink being right next to my oven and hob so only one or the other can be used at any one time… My 6ft 4 boyfriend moved in for the lockdown period and as part of adjusting to living on top of one another in my small flat, I’ve had to implement a ‘one in, one out’ rule for the kitchen as there’s definitely not enough room for us both (although it does give me an excuse to sit down and not help when it’s his turn to cook!).

Despite the lack of space, I have attempted some baking! Since my diagnosis as coeliac at the end of last summer if I want a slice of cake or treat it’s no longer as simple as just popping to the shop or picking something up from Forge Bakehouse on a weekend (I miss your pecan tarts!).

I’ve really enjoyed getting into baking again and #saturdaysintheshowroom were the perfect opportunity, made all the easier with the choice of ovens available to me. Whether it be the ‘4D hotAir’ technology in a Siemens or ‘Dual VertiCross’ system in the Wolf M series – both ensure consistent heat distribution within the cavity and so a perfect bake every time (if I’ve followed the instructions correctly that is!). These features I definitely took for granted as my oven at home is a little more fickle, hello soggy bottoms and burnt crusts… still, I have plenty of time to practise (and a boyfriend that needs constant feeding).

Keep checking in with our social media to see how I get on! (For those interested, my favourite GF blog is https://glutenfreecuppatea.co.uk/category/recipes/ coeliac or not, there are plenty of fantastic recipes to keep you and your families well fed!).'

Has the the coronavirus lockdown got you thinking about how you would love to improve your kitchen space? What changes would you make. Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: SieMatic

By Chrissi Batey20/04/2020
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