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SieMatic; kitchen
interior design, since 1929.

SieMatic has been creating the world's finest German engineered kitchens for more than 90 years. With an emphasis on cutting edge design and precision engineering, SieMatic has been leading the way through the evolution of the kitchen, from the world's first handless fitted kitchen to the latest award-winning SLX range; where light becomes tangible.

SieMatic by My Fathers Heart produces bold, exclusive and luxurious designs. Never afraid to push up the bar when it comes to quality and innovation, SieMatic kitchens stand out from the crowd…genuine quality, genuine luxury and genuinely striking design.
My Fathers Heart, Sheffield's finest cabinet makers for over 25 years, has proudly partnered with SieMatic since the opening of their stunning purpose built showroom in 2015. From consultation with an expert in kitchen interior design, to installation by our own cabinet makers – your SieMatic journey begins here.

Everyone is different.
So is every SieMatic kitchen. 
The focus is you.

Everyone is different. 
So is every SieMatic kitchen.
 The focus is you.

Experience the quality of our work in person and discover the possibilities for your German kitchen.
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Opulence, newly interpreted.


Create an atmosphere of soothing balance.

SLX Pure

Feel. Weightlessness. Light. Transparency. A kitchen concept that sets new standards.


A place of possibilities waiting for your interpretation.


Rooted in craftsmanship and authenticity.
A kitchen you love to be in and to look at. A German kitchen handcrafted to suit your personal needs and style. 
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Award-winning design

SieMatic style collections and design elements have won internationally recognised design awards, and have carved out their place in the history of product design.

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