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The latest kitchen trends and design ideas for 2020

Kitchen Trends for 2020

As we enter a new decade, what can we expect to see inspiring our kitchen designs? Whilst we pride ourselves at My Fathers Heart on the quality and longevity of both our handmade and SieMatic kitchens, trends can influence our design choices yet still stand the test of time.

I have handpicked the following ‘trends’ that I think best reflect the innovation, craftsmanship and timeless elegance that goes into all of our designs:

Two tone/contrast kitchens

No longer are kitchens limited to one, uniform colour. Expect to see a mix of cabinet colours that really make an impact in your space – whether that be a contrast in base and tall/wall cabinets, or a statement island. Those familiar with our work will know we have featured this trend in many of our designs over the last few years (our showroom being one example), but maybe now we will see an emergence of more daring and confident colour combinations?

Dark tones

Expect to see luxe but liveable darker hues emerging as we become bolder in our choices; think dark greens such as F&B ‘Studio Green’, deep navy such as Little Greene ‘Basalt’ or even black. With so many of you undertaking beautiful new extensions that incorporate lots of glazing; these light-filled spaces can take a darker, more striking design. Not ready to wholly embrace the dark side?  What about a statement wall or wallpaper to still achieve that contrast? These deep shades also work well with the neutral, taupe hues (such as SieMatic’s ‘Agate Grey’) we see emerging in place of pale greys.

Kitchen Trends Dark Tones

Marble look worktops

Whilst real marble isn’t the most practical choice for a kitchen worktop (prone to staining and scratches), the composite market now offers a huge range of marble-look finishes with superior properties. Dekton by Cosentino is highly resistant to stains, scratches, heat, UV rays and is 100% non-porous so never needs sealing. The trend for marble shows no sign of slowing down but we are starting to see some movement away from the typical white with grey veining toward warmer tones: Dekton’s Natural Collection provides some stunning alternatives; ‘Entzo’ features a white base with lively gold veining, ‘Keyla’ takes inspiration from black marble with soft white veins and new colour ‘Kira’ uses earthy tones and a fine light grey veining in a nod to natural to the natural material ‘Gris Pulpis’ which has proved extremely popular since its release.

Statement taps

No longer are sinks limited to stainless steel and taps to a shiny chrome. Sinks are increasingly being matched or contrasted with worktop choices (thanks to composite finishes such as Blanco’s SilGranit, available in 9 colours), but what about your tap? Brass handles and hardware are becoming progressively popular in our hand painted kitchens and Quooker have just standardised their ‘Patinated Brass’ finish – like a fine wine your tap’s appearance will mature and age, becoming more beautiful and unique with time. For those with more contemporary tastes Quooker also have a stunning range of ‘Matt Black’ options, perfect if you’re embracing those darker tones.

Smart storage

At My Fathers Heart we design kitchens to enhance and maximise your space, this usually means integrating smart storage solutions wherever possible. SieMatic kitchens can benefit from their innovative MultiMatic interior system – a highly flexible solution for cabinets that uses multifunction tracking on the back of doors so they can be fitted with an array of elegant aluminium storage accessories. Our handmade kitchens on the other hand are truly bespoke so can be designed with whatever storage solution you may have in mind – whether that be a fully kitted larder cabinet or innovative use of Blum’s glass fronted ‘space tower’ for easy access and organisation.


Secret storage

Alongside smart storage solutions we are seeing an increasing demand for clean lines and clear worktops, which is where our experience as both designers and cabinetmakers really comes into play. Bespoke worktop mounted larder units can house small appliances such a toasters and coffee machines that can then be effortlessly hidden away when not in use; whether using sliding panels, bi-fold or slide-away hinges (such as the ‘baking station’ below) the result is always a seamless and clutter-free kitchen.


Connected kitchens

As daily life becomes more digital and our homes increasingly ‘smart’, how are our kitchens keeping up? The answer: WiFi Enabled Appliances. How does turning on your oven whilst on the train home, so it has reached the perfect cooking temperature for your return sound? How about looking inside your fridge, whilst being stood in the supermarket, so you know exactly what needs replenishing? Or for those who struggle who get up in the morning (guilty!) imagine turning on your coffee machine from your bed, so you know there’s a perfectly brewed cup waiting when you finally make it downstairs… All of these features plus many more, spanning a range of appliances can be carried out using the Siemens HomeConnect app* which can also be linked with smart speakers for voice control, enabling a truly controlled and seamless kitchen experience, wherever you are. *When choosing models look for the ‘WiFi Enabled’ label.


Feeling inspired? If you’d like to see any examples of these for yourself; or if you’d like to discuss how we can incorporate any (or all!) aspects into your dream kitchen, please pop along to our showroom for a chat with one of our designers.

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By Chrissi Batey09/01/2020
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