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We’re open, and it’s almost business as usual...

When lockdown came it came fast.

Events in Europe gave us some idea that it was coming but somehow we Brits always manage to convince ourselves that it won’t happen here.

As a traditional manufacturing company needing boots on the ground in the workshop, it was always going to hit hard when the order to stay at home came…we had to adapt and quickly.

Our team of three skilled designers had to work out how to continue to service a full ‘enquiry book’ while following the guidelines on social distancing.

Fortunately, because all our design work is done on 3D computer packages, we discovered that we are actually well placed to bring our design proposals into our customers’ homes.

Using meeting apps such as Teams and Zoom, we have been able to have relaxed presentations to clients’ homes by screen sharing our designs. We have been talking through details, presenting photorealistic images and getting client feedback. We can even apply changes to the design model in front of your eyes.

The only part of the process missing is the all important trips to our beautiful showroom to touch and feel all the fabulous things we have to offer. But now, as restrictions are beginning to ease we can even offer a ‘by appointment, locked showroom’ experience where you can safely wander around alone if you prefer and get a real sense of the quality of everything that we do.

And where that’s not possible we have even been doing Zoom tours of our showroom.

We are delighted that this remote way of working and our digital consultations have been so well received by both new and existing customers. If you too are spending more time at home and thinking about improvements that can be made, then our design team would love to develop your ideas with you.


Despite the challenges, in short…it’s business as usual here at My Fathers Heart.

If you are ready to discuss your project with us please do get in contact on 0114 250 0177 or at [email protected]

By Jonathan Coulthard26/04/2020
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