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SieMatic Housefair 2015

I was so looking forward to visiting the SieMatic showroom at its head office in Lohne, Germany, where the SieMatic journey started over 70 years ago. I have always loved SieMatic kitchens and was very excited about seeing them in all their glory! I have to say the trip did not disappoint. The showroom itself is a wonderful showcase for its beautiful kitchens, evolving over the years, expanded and now a fabulous space to house wonderful, inspirational displays. Attention to the finest detail is where SieMatic is at, both with its beautiful displays and furniture making. A perfect combination of master craftsmanship and modern industrial manufacturing – which you can see and feel – stunning!

Thank you SieMatic for adhering to the best quality and high standards. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone in Germany and exploring the SieMatic range in more detail. I also enjoyed the chocolate (SieMatic has its own brand!)


By Jonathan Coulthard02/10/2015
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