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Persistence pays off for apprentice Jon

Persistence pays off for apprentice Jon

hree months ago, I received an email from a young chap called Jon Nuttall. His message explained that he and his girlfriend were moving to Sheffield so she could start her degree in nursing at The University of Sheffield and that he was seeking a position with a cabinet maker in order to complete his third year of his apprenticeship.

Now, I receive requests and CVs all the time and I gave him my usual response…that our apprenticeship position was already taken but that I would keep his record on file. He replied courteously and hoped I would get in touch.

Three weeks or so later, I received another email from Jon. This time he pointed out that he was visiting Sheffield and he would be happy to come and work free of charge for a week so we could trial him.

A little too pushy, this one, I thought, but I agreed to have him come in and ‘say hello’ for an hour which he duly did.

He was very enthusiastic and full of energy and we agreed to stay in touch.

Another three weeks and another email saying he would be free to start work on such and such date. Very pushy this one!

I said I had nothing for him, but he could spend a day gardening for a friend with a student house. He accepted enthusiastically and got eight hours work completed in four saying: “well you have to earn your coin don’t you!”

What could I do? I told him to show up for work the following Monday and that we would create a second apprentice place for him. Needless to say he is already an asset and very popular!

Now at the risk of sounding like a retired colonel, I have to say…that’s the way to get a job!


By Jonathan Coulthard11/08/2015
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