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Peace at last

Peace at last

Noise – sometimes there’s just too much about.  And too much may be bad for our health, as recent news reports have suggested. Here, Jonathan Coulthard considers the options for culinary sound levels including transforming a busy kitchen into something that feels more like a peaceful, therapeutic oasis.

Fancy cooking to the sound of silence?

So you're in the kitchen busy cooking. Chopping veg, opening and closing drawers full of rattling cutlery, clanging pans and generally bashing out the next lovely dinner. Something promising's on the hob, sizzling and steaming, the extractor's whirring at full power, the oven is bleeping and yes, there's the fridge backing it all up with its reliable, slightly unharmonious hum. Close your eyes and listen. It's quite the catering cacophony isn't it?

But what if there was a completely different world you could step into? Where doors and drawers only ever gracefully glide, quiet ventilation discreetly withdraws cooking vapours, cutlery lies beautifully placed within, and ovens, wine storage units, massive fridges and even dishwashers barely whisper?

That's the reality of a beautifully designed, meticulously engineered, and technologically brilliant kitchen.

A place where cabinets and appliances contain such faultless operating mechanisms that they offer a life-time guarantee with a certificate of confidence.

Where the durable steel soft-close runners ensure the kitchen has welcomed in a system that allows such gentle and effortless closing, no matter how hard you slam the drawers shut. Easily taking 50 - 60 kg loads, the runners give you an effortless, smooth gliding motion to open and close, thus ensuring no trapped fingers nor abrasion between adjacent cabinet fronts.

With this silent-sliding motion combined with the SieMatic-own neoprene drawer inlays, the sound of rattling pots and pans becomes extinct. And as knives slot satisfyingly into the intelligent interior accessory system, designed to harmoniously coincide with the palette of the kitchen, the normal day-to-day clatter is further muffled with the assistance of the cabinet dust seals.

The intrusion of a whirring over-head extractor is no-longer, thanks to the spatial freedom created through the refined-technology of the BORA cook-top. Its integrated ventilation is putting an end to the extractor hood and aligning the aesthetics of the room with its functionality, while the noisy air turbulence is dramatically reduced by the revolutionary aerodynamic extraction.

And with the Wolf ovens’ unique digital technology that can sense the size, weight and shape of the food, you can let the cooker adjust itself accordingly, leaving time to appreciate that sound of quiet coming from the cavernous fridge as Gaggenau sets new technical standards with vario-cooling technology.

Peace at last.

So when cooking and enjoying creating lovely things in your kitchen, if the birdsong without or good conversation within is all you really want to hear, it is all possible.

And if a symphony playing full blast when you're cooking is your style, that’s fine. We can easily move on to talk about how pretty fantastic the kitchen can look, feel and smell too!


By Jonathan Coulthard07/02/2019
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