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Installing your bespoke kitchen


At My Fathers Heart we aim for the smoothest running bespoke kitchen installation possible.

When feasible, we like to carry out a pre-installation site visit. This is usually with James, our installation manager, or Jonathan, My Fathers Heart owner, and whoever from our team designed the project.

This visit is to run through the drawings, trying to pick up on any potential issues that may arise, also to check all services are installed and that they are in the correct place. We like to check access to the site to ensure we have a safe and large enough passage for carrying the generally bulky and heavy cabinetry.

Day 1 of installation

A typical day 1 install will see the My Fathers Heart team arriving around 8am. They will set about clearing their working area, carefully moving any existing furniture that could be in the way and laying down floor protection before unloading.  Once installation is under way, the team will generally focus on installing the bulk of the cabinetry.

Day 2 and beyond

Day 2 onwards can often look like slower progress. Whereas on day 1 there is suddenly a kitchen in what only 24 hours earlier was an empty room, day 2 and beyond is where the real craftsmanship comes into play. This involves the team perfecting all the small details such as scribed filler panels, ornate cornicing and cabinetry internals. Time must be taken over all of these elements to ensure the perfect finish My Fathers Heart strives for.

Post installation

After the installation is complete and the client has moved in and started using their kitchen or furniture there are bound to be some little niggles. Sometimes a drawer may have dropped slightly after it has been loaded with crockery, or a larder cabinet could do with an additional shelf. Whatever the query, a member of the team will happily call round to take care of any issues. We are proud of every piece we make and install and we will always revisit previous jobs whatever the issue. We have even been known to return to jobs that were installed as much as 12 years ago!

By James Lee29/04/2020
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