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Hear from Karl and take a tour of his bespoke office and cinema room


We love what we do but we love it even more when our clients love what we do for them. This particular project was one that our team really enjoyed and where the client gave us licence to create something truly special. 

The design evolved from a discussion with the client, Karl, who had been offered various uninspiring contemporary designs from other suppliers. When Karl realised that he could have anything that he could imagine the ideas really began to flow. A ‘Gaumont styled’ Art Deco design evolved drawing inspiration from Fritz Lang and other icons from the 1920’s.

Beautiful details

The cinema foyer was to double as a party room with mixing decks as well as a pre-film chilling area. Beautiful veneers and natural timbers were used on the foyer furniture to create a truly timeless space. 

The ‘projector room’ was fitted out with bespoke furniture to store the client’s extensive DVD and Blu-ray collection.

In keeping with the Art Deco theme, the client wanted a custom made arcade machine-housing to create his own 21st Century version of a classic pub machine.

To aid sound quality and to add a sumptuous feeling to the space the ceiling was panelled in fabric.

Beautiful brass plaques engraved in classic Art Deco text gave an authentic finishing touch to the cinema.

An emphasis on quality construction avoiding the temptation to simply use painted MDF facades has resulted in a space that is glamorous and indulgent. 

Hear from Karl

Watch the video below and hear from Karl about the project and why he would recommend My Fathers Heart...

"The level of craftsmanship is so far beyond anything I could imagine. My Fathers Heart are just as interested in getting the project right as you are. They took my ideas and put them together in a way that completely makes sense. I would definitely recommend them."

- Karl

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By Jonathan Coulthard29/01/2020
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