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Cooking at its finest with the BORA X BO

cooking at its finest with the bora x bo

Imagine being able to lock in all the delicacy of food – flavours, consistency, appearance and nutrition – quietly, with ease and using only steam.

That’s exactly what happens in the next generation BORA X BO ovens.

Having developed its revolutionary extraction technology, BORA now uses steam in its finest form – for cooking. The BORA X BO next generation oven not only adds moisture as it cooks but can actually remove moisture when needed.

I was so looking forward to seeing them in action when I visited the BORA HQ in Germany for my latest training. We caught a glimpse of the new XBO and I knew we were in for something special.

But don’t worry – you don’t need a flight to Germany to see it for yourself or to enjoy a demonstration. Here in our Sheffield showroom, we have just created a beautiful ‘BORA Lab’.

Our unique, handmade, concept kitchen is up and running with two BORA X BO ovens. They’re not just showpieces – they’re working ovens which we use to demonstrate to our customers just what these next level appliances can do.

The XBO is so easy and user friendly, it has recipes already stored in its software and the oven tells you exactly what to do. You can create, perfect and save your favourite recipes with the ‘smartphone’ style control panel.

BORA X BO training

Our colleague and BORA specialist, Andy, came to visit our new BORA Lab and we cooked a delicious lunch together. It was great to see it in action. We prepared risotto and seabass.

Preheating the oven - for temperature and humidity - took seconds rather than minutes. It’s so quiet…and even on steam cooking the unique internal filter system prevents steam and odours escaping into the kitchen.

That all helps create a calm environment to unwind with a bit of therapeutic food prep! Our lovely new BORA Lab kitchen remained clean and odour free thanks to the in-built carbon filter in the X BO. Even sea bass cooking odours were filtered out!

The food not only looked good but tasted good too, the steam - locking in all the flavours and cooked to perfection. You can also draw steam and moisture out of the oven, using the X BO's minus humidity function which allows for perfectly crisp food, without having to wait.

I’m really looking forward to exploring more recipes on the X BO. We will be holding regular demonstrations, for our customers, here at our showroom, so keep a look out on social media and our website for the next demonstration dates. You can come along, ask questions and explore for yourself. It’s always a fun evening with food and wine.

The BORA X BO really is the next generation in cooking - a flex oven and professional appliance for your home.

We look forward to seeing you.

By Su Sutton10/05/2023
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