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BORA trip to Germany

BORA trip to Germany

Last month Sammy and I had an exciting opportunity to visit BORA’s headquarters.

Situated in Raubling, Germany,  nestled close to the Austria border,  we had two days of breathtaking views, exceptional hospitality, and inspiring products.

We spent the morning exploring the nearby town of Rosenheim, filled with Bavarian charm, before going to the BORA Training Centre in Raubling.

After a quick introduction to the other BORA dealers, our hosts explained the history of the brand and gave us an overview of their products. Then we headed to the company’s new innovation building.

Completed in 2019, the top floor roof terrace offers BORA employees a fabulous views across to the Alps. What a spot to take a break!

Incredible views of the Alps from the BORA roof terrace
Incredible views of the Alps from the roof terrace

A few floors down –via a glass-bottomed elevator – the BORA team welcomed us into our kitchen-cum-dining room for the evening. But this was no private chef dining experience – we would be cooking our dinner ourselves!

To start, we prepared a fresh salad of cucumber and apple  accompanied by delicious salmon.

We  cooked using two different appliances for comparison.

Firstly, on the Classic 2.0 Tepan plate. The stainless-steel surface was at the perfect temperature for crispy skins and gave Sammy plenty of room for expertly flipping all thirteen pieces alongside herbs and ginger for flavour. A clean air rate of 100% at head height meant her glasses remained steam-free and there were no lingering smells of fish.

Next up was BORA’s latest foray into the world of appliances – the X BO. This is a sleek, minimalist oven that optimises steam technology used in commercial kitchens.

Heating to 220 degrees in just three minutes, the X BO uses positive and negative humidity to ensure juicy steamed salmon whilst also crisping the skin. The advanced ‘Clear View’ function automatically extracts steam from the oven cavity before the door is opened so, once again, no more steamed-up glasses!

BORA Glass Bottomed Elevator
Not for the faint-hearted!
BORA Germany HQ
BORA Tepan Cooking at BORA HQ 1BORA Tepan Cooking at BORA HQ 3BORA Tepan Cooking at BORA HQ 2

Our main course was juicy steak, perfectly seared upon two Tepan plates from the Professional 3.0 system.

The stainless steel plates are the largest on the market, which gave our budding chefs adequate room for ensuring all steaks were cooked to perfection alongside garlic, chillies and plenty of butter.

They served the steaks with roasted potatoes and vegetables cooked perfectly using the X BO oven. Its steam gently envelopes the food and prevents it from burning, whilst preserving the natural flavour, colour and taste.

Cooking Steaks on the BORA Tepan 1Cooking Steaks on the BORA Tepan 3Cooking Steaks on the BORA Tepan 2

After enjoying our mains, one unlucky volunteer was tasked with cleaning of the Tepan plates – a daunting task upon first sight. In fact, cleaning a Tepan can be quite an easy job once you get the hang of it.

First, turn the plates onto ‘cleaning’ mode to loosens burnt-on food. This is  easily helped with a  spatula. Then, wipe away excess oil and food debris using kitchen roll or similar.

Sprinkle the plates with an acidic mix to lift the remaining proteins. You can use a mix of water and lemon juice, or water and vinegar. Use the spatula to push a scouring sponge in the direction of the steel grain ensures a sparkling clean top in no time!

Cleaning the BORA Tepan 1Cleaning the BORA Tepan 2Cleaning the BORA Tepan 3Cleaning the BORA Tepan 4
For a video demonstration of this process please head here to watch Su show us how it’s done!

Dessert was a traditional Bavarian dish also cooked on the Tepan plates – Kaiserschmarrn. This is a delicious fluffy ‘shredded’ pancake with accompanying warm fruit compote. If you fancy trying this for yourself, Bora’s recipe can be found here.

Our hands-down favourite product, the X BO, will be available soon. Keep up to date with its arrival in our showroom by following our socials: Instagram and Facebook, or you can sign up to our newsletter here.

We just wanted to say a big thank you to Seb and Hannah, our trainers, and Hilary from Bora UK for a fantastic trip – already looking forward to our next visit!

By Chrissi Batey20/07/2022
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