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Bake-Off’s Back! - which appliances are in the tent?

Bake-Off’s Back! - which appliances are in the tent?

It’s that time of year again; Tuesday evenings are spent settling down to watch a group of everyday people competing to bake things in a tent, whilst we at home drool (or cringe!) over their creations. After a turbulent year so far, it’s the simple and heart-warming programme the nation has been waiting for – I for one, LOVE it!

As a kitchen designer watching the show, I often find myself pointing out the appliances featured (sad perhaps, but I cannot help it!), so thought I might help enlighten other bake-off enthusiasts…

Oven – Neff Slide&Hide N 90

Instantly recognisable from its slide away door, a feature exclusive to Neff and ideal if you’re short on space or have an under-counter oven. The CircoTherm high-speed airflow circulates hot air evenly throughout the oven cavity, allowing for an even bake across all four shelves within (so no excuses from the contestants!). The easy to navigate controls feature a large TFT-Display combined with Shift Control that allows the user to move swiftly from one function to another. At the end of each week’s competition a cleaning function will ensure the oven is looking pristine before the next show; activating the Easy Clean programme just requires some water and a drop of detergent to easily wipe off the softened food residue, whilst for harder to clean & burnt-on spills the Pyrolytic programme heats the oven cavity, turning splatters & drips into ash that is simply wiped away once the oven has cooled.

Great British Bake Off Oven – Neff Slide&Hide N 90

Proving Drawer – Neff 29cm Warming Drawer

A big feature of this week’s dreaded ‘Bread Week’, the oversized warming drawer (also available in 14cm high) features a stepless temperature control from 40-80 degrees. So, whether you are proving bread, melting chocolate, slow cooking or simply keeping a dish warm, there is a temperature to suit and plenty of room. A simple push is all that’s needed to open (ideal if you have sticky, doughy fingers) and the stainless steel with black glass fascia lines up with any model in Neff range for a seamless look.

Cooktop – Neff Flex induction 30cm

This nifty space-saving cooktop uses induction technology to directly and precisely heat the cookware, simply remove the pan and the cooking stops – great (and much safer) for when a contestant starts flapping. The Flex induction surface means pans can be placed anywhere within the flex zone to begin heating whilst the intelligent Power Move function is programmed to three heating zones you can simply slide your pan along: boiling at the front, simmer in the middle and warming at the rear – clever eh!

Great British Bake Off Cooktop – Neff Flex induction 30cm

Tap – Quooker Fusion

Where would the contestants be without their Quooker taps? (Wasting a lot of time waiting for kettles to boil I imagine…). The Quooker Fusion is an all-in-one boiling water and mixer tap. Simply double push & twist the ergonomic Quooker ring for instant 100 degree boiling water, there’s nothing to it!

Now who’s for a cup of tea and some cake...

By Chrissi Batey20/10/2020
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