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A Perfect Blend

A Perfect Blend

We flung open our showroom doors on Saturday and welcomed our customers to come and enjoy a stunning showcase from the world of design and precision engineering. But cars and kitchens…what do they have in common? My fathers heart owner, Jonathan Coulthard, explains.

Sunshine, mellow tunes, cocktails a plenty, kebabs sizzling on the barbecue and the predatory purr of the Ferrari on the tarmac.

Are we at the Grand Prix? Well, not quite (though we haven’t ruled that out).

Last weekend our car park was transformed into a spectacular stage for supercars including  McLaren, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lamborghini and a duo of Ferraris. Courtesy of John Holland Cars, guests could swap their cocktail for the ‘cockpit’ of one of these stunners and sample first hand the experience of driving what are among the most amazing performance cars in the world.

Sizzling away in our midst, a tasty, healthy lunch was being prepared on what was the UK’s first showcase of Wolf’s brand new outdoor gas grill which is sculptured in flawless double-wall stainless steel and produces a perfectly accurate desired temperature resulting in an exquisite menu of barbecued delights.

And all this was simply what was going on outside. While the weekend summer sun glinted on the jaw-droppingly beautiful cars, the showroom inside was also buzzing.

Four of our five gorgeous kitchens were hard at work. More tasty delights arrived from the Professional 30” built-in Wolf Oven in our showroom’s handmade kitchen, where precision cooking is taken to another level with Wolf’s new Duel Verticross convection heating system. And, you’d be forgiven for not being able to smell the waft of cooking as the BORA cook station within our SieMatic Urban kitchen demonstrated the delicious elegance of vapourless cooking .

So, what kind of a blend did Saturday celebrate? What do world-leading kitchens and cars have in common?

They’re both outstanding in function and stunning in form. It’s a perfect blend. And therein lie the elements of great design; always driving to make the best function better.

We all demand increasing technological brilliance from products that are intuitive to use and which know what we need before we do. Quite simply, we want things to function in ways which serve, amuse and amaze us. And of course, they’ve got to look good -  spectacular in fact.

Great design demands a rare level of care, curiosity and insight into each individual's lifestyle, aspirations and character, sometimes even being able to see within a person’s desires or dreams which they may not have realised were there. And then, to weave those insights into creating something exquisite and highly personal yet which exudes universal attraction.

If this is sounding like art, or even poetry, then that's OK. Because that's all part of what we do. Art, technology, science, poetry, psychology, relationship - they're all subliminally and unashamedly in the mix.

As a centre of design excellence we were absolutely delighted to welcome John Holland Cars’ motoring jewels to our ‘pitch’.

Discerning customers prefer the best. We’re proud to offer just that. Call in and see us.

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By Jonathan Coulthard25/07/2017
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