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A note on Covid-19

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Well who’d have thought?!

The last time I updated the blog, I was becoming just a little anxious about the progress of the preparations for my daughter’s wedding on June 6th.

My Fathers Heart was preparing for our Saturday event when we hosted the Bentley Drivers Association (which was a great day by the way…find out more about it here)

And we were getting very excited about some really lovely design projects that we were working on ready for summer installation.

But this is where we find ourselves now. Naturally, we have had to adapt to a changed world and are learning new things about ourselves and what we can cope with. And I have to say I am so uplifted by the stoic attitude of so many people…especially all the team here at My Fathers Heart!

Despite any personal anxieties that they may have, the guys in the workshop have stuck to the task to get customers’ jobs complete so their homes are ready for what may be a long period of time off.

They have been remarkable in their diligence in observing the very strict hygiene and distancing protocols we have put in place in discussion with our clients and are still managing to maintain their very British sense of humour throughout it all.

So, we are working on as usual and very keen to make sure we are here for our customers. We have a very strict protocol in the showroom too so that visitors can be truly assured that the only thing they will catch here is our passion and enthusiasm for stunning design and fabulous quality!

We are all adopting the national OCD cleaning hands, surfaces, handles and every bit of our showroom that you might come into contact with…and, if you choose, we will even lock the door for the duration of your visit!

We have some truly stunning designs in the pipeline and can’t wait to get stuck into them when this dreadful thing has passed.

We are a strong company and although there appears to be a turbulent few months ahead, we will be celebrating 25 years in business on 6th November looking forward to further entrenching our name as the most trustworthy brand in the region.

If you have any questions or want any advice on your future projects, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Jonathan Coulthard

By Jonathan Coulthard21/03/2020
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