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Why we are proud to partner with Sub-Zero Wolf

why we are proud to partner with sub zero wolf

At My Fathers Heart, we take great care when deciding to partner with other, complementary brands. They must align with our own exceptional standards and quality in function and form.

SubZero Wolf is one of those. Discover why we are proud to have a long standing association with the luxury appliance brand.

A personal history

Necessity is the mother of invention. When your son needs life-saving medication that has to be kept cool, you’ll find a way to make it possible.

In the 1930s, Westye F. Bakke, a talented engineer, set out to create a reliable, high performance refrigeration appliance that could store his son’s insulin safely. And so, in 1943 in his basement, the first SubZero refrigeration prototype was born.

Two years later, Westye launched the first ultra-low temperature food preservation system and established his brand ‘SubZero’- which is where the name derives from. Westye’s inventions, not only changed the way food was stored, but it also had a major impact on kitchen design, due to his new idea of built-in refrigeration.

Meanwhile, more than 80 years ago, Wolf began creating outstanding cooking appliances for restaurants. But with a rising demand for home gourmet cooking in the 1970s, Wolf started supplying their professional-grade appliances to homeowners.

Eventually, these creative talents joined forces. Wolf caught the attention of SubZero and in 2000 they created the perfect partnership for kitchen appliances.

Today, spanning eight decades, SubZero and Wolf have been creating professional grade appliances for both commercial and home kitchens.

So, whether you are an expert or novice cook, their appliances makes the everyday task of cooking more exciting and easier. Their innovative technology means  you can  cook gourmet meals from the comfort of your own home and preserve food for longer, cutting food waste and costs.

Quality without compromise 

To build kitchen appliances that improve both your meals and the appearance of your kitchen’ - this is the SubZero Wolf’s mission. They never compromise on quality, using only premium materials state-of-the-art technology a huge and versatile design range  and  craftsmanship fit for the world’s finest homes. So they’re quite confident in offering a 20-year guarantee.

Sustainably cool 

That guarantee underpins sustainability in what continues to be a ‘throw away’ culture - for appliances and for food itself.

SubZero refrigeration keeps food fresh and tasty for longer. An apple can even stay crispy and juicy within the fridge for six months due to the NASA-developed air purification box that removes mould, viruses, and bacteria from the interior.  That saves the average family around £500 on food wastage a year, meaning over the span of the appliance lifetime a staggering £11,000 can be saved.

SubZero refrigeration door seals lock in the cold with reports of food being fresh even after a power cut lasting several days.

sustainably cool

The delicacy of wine

Working with world leading wine experts, SubZero’s wine cooler  stores and preserves your wines with its dual temperature zones. The four enemies of wine - temperature, humidity, light and vibration, are all eliminated  and the airflow keeps the dual temperature zones separate. The triple-paned, argon filled glass paired with the soft LED internal lighting, prevents 98% of UV penetration and the shelves are rubberised to absorb any vibrations.

Hotting up with Wolf

Wolf appliances give you fine dining at home. With the state-of-the-art Gourmet mode in every oven, pre-set meals can be made at the touch of a button.  Just assemble the ingredients and follow the recipe.

The self-cleaning ovens are large with full-extension racks, allowing easier handling of heavier foods. Complementing this are Wolf’s range of cooktops, including gas and induction. The flame control precision on the gas cooktops is such that dark chocolate can be melted on a piece of paper on a low simmer and the paper will not catch fire!

Choose a cooktop and oven as one appliance with Wolf’s Dual Fuel Range Cookers, starting from 800mm wide to an astonishing 1500mm wide option!

hotting up with wolf

Experience Sub-Zero and Wolf up close

We have a beautiful range of SubZero Wolf appliances on display. Come to our showroom or give us a call to find out more.

By Sammy Gibson01/09/2023
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