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Who says what makes a design excellent?

Who says what makes a design excellent?

As My Fathers Heart helps host Sheffield Design Week, owner Jonathan Coulthard reflects on the question of design brilliance and who has the final say.

Outstanding in function, stunning in form. Therein lies the elements of perfect design. But both concepts are subjective, aren't they?  Well no, not quite.

Great design has first delved industriously into how to make the best function better. It pushes new boundaries in performance - and that performance must answer many needs or demands which common to us all and therefore can be objectified. A desire for increasing technological brilliance, from products that are intuitive to use and which know what we need before we do. Quite simply, we want things to function brilliantly in ways which serve, amuse and amaze us.

So what's the big deal then about bespoke design? That is, about selecting the right kind of functional brilliance and presenting it within a personalised beautiful form?

That's where a higher level of talent emerges. It demands a rare level of care, curiosity and insight into each individual's lifestyle, aspirations and character, sometimes even being able to see within a person desires or dreams they may not have realised were there. And then, to weave those insights into creating something exquisite and highly personal yet which exudes universal attraction.

If this is sounding like art, or even poetry, then that's OK. Because that's all part of what we do at My Fathers Heart. Art, technology, science, poetry, psychology, relationship - they're all subliminally and unashamedly in the mix. And as a centre of design excellence, we're really proud to help host Sheffield Design Week, showcasing our own work and that of other local design talents.

Of course the final say on design brilliance has to be with the customer. And although we're thrilled every time our customers are, we'll continue to push those boundaries and raise the bar for design excellence.

Come and visit us anytime and including Sheffield Design Week Saturday 22nd to Saturday 29th October, when you can see a selection of design pieces hand-made in Sheffield by a number of local designers. This includes up-and-coming design products alongside the beautiful collection of chairs created by furniture design students at Sheffield Hallam University, recently exhibited in the Great Hall at Chatsworth House.

By Jonathan Coulthard24/10/2016
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