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Very touching – a truly sensual experience in Object Cor designs

Very touching – a truly sensual experience in Object Cor designs

It’s a wonderful thing when something beautiful overwhelms our senses. But perhaps the sense less often celebrated is touch.

It is this sense which contemporary metalwork designer Florence Carter focuses on so carefully in her exquisite new handleware and fixtures as part of her early Object Cor range.

Each Object Cor design is bespoke, aligning with the ethos at My Fathers Heart that each design should reflect each person’s individuality.  So it’s with great pleasure that My Fathers Heart now showcases Florence’s delightful work as part of its own beautiful handmade furniture.

After graduating in Jewellery and Metalworking at Sheffield Hallam University in 2013, Florence began her journey as a silversmith and her work immediately enjoyed prestigious recognition. She was awarded the Goldsmiths Award for Silversmithing at New Designers, she has items in Sheffield’s Millennium  Galleries metalworking collection and, in 2015, she was selected to make the Ladbrokes St Ledger Trophy, making her the youngest ever silversmith to do so.

Through the study and execution of fine metalworking, Florence's eye for fine details, precision and quality have evolved into central values of Object Cor’s approach to design.

As a craftsperson working with her hands Florence became curious about our sense of touch. She explains that touch 'resides predominantly within our subconscious, yet is fundamental to our human development, well-being, emotion and more'. As a result, an object’s tactility and a person’s daily interaction with it in their home became a key tenet in her design process.

But Flo also wanted to incorporate engineered elements into her designs. This, and a passion for home interiors, led her to explore decorative yet functional metalwork whilst studying on the cross disciplinary MA in Design at Sheffield Hallam University.

Approaching My Fathers Heart in 2017, Florence completed her first ever door handle design with My Fathers Heart owner Jonathan Coulthard, acting as a fictional client. It was a great success and it was then that Flo founded Object Cor.

Object Cor’s debut collection of cabinet handles are now on display at My Father Heart. Their textured surface lets the light dance across them and their smooth curves feel great to touch. And there are exciting developments ahead. More textured finishes with organics such as grit stone and silver birch bark will also be on display soon.

As with My Fathers Heart, Object Cor also offers an exclusive, personalised approach. So much so, that Flo suggests the overall interior vision could be reflected in handles with texture, inspired by a very personal memory or place.

Visit our showroom to come and see – or touch - for yourself.

For more information visit www.objectcor.com or email [email protected]

By Jonathan Coulthard19/08/2019
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