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The top 9 kitchen trends for 2023 that our designers love

the top 9 kitchen trends for 2023 that our designers love

Step into the future of kitchen design as we unveil new looks and innovations that will enhance culinary spaces in 2023 and beyond.

From the allure of minimal wall cabinets to the hidden wonders of concealed storage, each trend has been carefully curated to elevate functionality and aesthetics. Explore the fascinating world of freestanding furniture, mesmerising reeded glass, and the luxurious appeal of mixed metallics. Be inspired by expressive worktops, natural monochrome palettes, statement splashbacks, and the ever-important emphasis on sustainability.

With our designer-approved guide, discover the perfect ingredients to create your dream kitchen that combines cutting-edge trends with timeless charm.

Minimal wall cabinets

Wall cabinets used to be a great way of adding storage without compromising on worktop space. But nowadays, kitchen cabinets are working harder and smarter than ever, offering ingenious storage solutions, such as SieMatic’s ‘Le Mans’ swing out shelving system for corner cabinets, pull-out larders and shallow internal drawers on a carryout catch. In a thoughtfully designed kitchen that offers solutions such as these, there is less need to fill a wall with wall cabinets just for the sake of it. Moving away from wall cabinets helps encourage light and creates a sense of space within a kitchen. If a completely blank wall isn’t your thing, consider a shallow shelf with a curated display of objects to add visual interest without compromising on that open aesthetic. 

kitchen trends 2023 minimal wall cabinets

Concealed storage

Alongside smart storage solutions we are seeing an increasing demand for clean lines and clear worktops, which is where our experience as both designers and cabinetmakers really comes into play. We get a number of specific requests for ‘breakfast cabinets’ (worktop mounted larder units) that can house small worktop appliances such a toaster and coffee machine, alongside shelving for cereal boxes and crockery, all of which can be effortlessly hidden away when not in use (and hiding any mess!). Whether using sliding panels, bi-fold or slide-away hinges, the result is always a seamless and clutter-free kitchen.

kitchen trends 2023 concealed storagekitchen trends 2023 concealed storage 2kitchen trends 2023 concealed storage 3

Freestanding furniture

Moving away from the traditional ‘built-in’ kitchen look, incorporating freestanding cabinets, or a freestanding element can help make your kitchen feel more like furniture which is especially appealing in an open-plan space. The SieMatic ‘buffet’ cabinet is the perfect execution of this. First manufactured by the company over 90 years ago, it has been reimagined for the modern day with matt black supporting legs and curved end panels in SieMatic’s signature door finishes in a nod to the original timeless design.

kitchen trends 2023 freestanding furniture
The ’SieMatic 29’ buffet

Reeded glass

We’ve seen a surge in popularity for this mid-century style staple as it is perfect for adding textural contrast and enhancing depth. What once could have been considered traditional glass display cabinets are given a contemporary twist and are perfect for disguising tableware that may not always be display-worthy, such as with these from SieMatic’s ‘MONDIAL’ range.

kitchen trends 2023 reeded glass

Mixed metallics

One of the hottest trends this year, metallic finish doors add a layer of luxury to your kitchen. Create a real statement with a metallic island that not only adds warmth but depth and texture through the brushed finish that subtly reacts to light in a way that cannot be achieved by wood, matt or even gloss finishes. Consider layering different metallic finishes for a real sense of luxe, such as brass with brushed black metals or dark gunmetal with cool steel accents.

kitchen trends 2023 mixed metals 3kitchen trends 2023 mixed metals 2kitchen trends 2023 mixed metals

Expressive worktops

While classic marble looks such as ‘Calacatta’ and ‘Carrara’ will always be popular, we are seeing a rise in more colourful and expressive stones chosen for worktops. Whether you like the unique finishes of natural granite, where no two slabs are the same; or prefer the indestructible properties of a man-made composite surface such as Dekton from Cosentino, cabinets are taking a back seat allowing worktops to be centre stage. Lively veining stretches across monolith-like islands with stone flowing seamlessly down the sides, while soaring splashbacks in striking patterns could almost be a work of art itself.

kitchen trends 2023 expressive worktops2
Dekton ‘Laurent’
kitchen trends 2023 expressive worktops1
Dekton ‘Trance'

Natural monochrome

Atmospheric, dark kitchens are still popular, but we are seeing matt black combined with softer colours and natural materials such as timber and stone to create a scheme that feels more liveable and long-lasting, but still holds elegance and impact like no other colour combination can. Matt black with oak and creamy stone feels calm and skandi inspired or stick to a darker palate and mix contrasting textures like dark stained timber and brushed metals for a scheme that exudes luxury.

kitchen trends 2023 natural monochrome

Statement splashbacks

Splashbacks do more than protect your walls from splashes and spills, they can be used as a canvas, an extension of your design choices or focal point for your kitchen. As mentioned above, a statement stone that acts as an extension of your worktop is both practical and elegant. Mirror is a great choice for splashbacks and available in a wide range of finishes to suit your style, such as elegant smoked grey or bronze tones or antiqued effects that add interest. Although mirrored splashbacks may require a little extra care and cleaning, this is far outweighed by its ability to add depth and accentuate light, especially in small or darker area. For a more classical feel, tiles could be the answer and are available in endless tones and shapes to complement your scheme and inject another layer of texture and colour. Whatever material you choose, don’t be afraid to go bold and cover as much wall as budget will allow for a truly striking look.

kitchen trends 2023 statement splashbacks 2kitchen trends 2023 statement splashbackskitchen trends 2023 statement splashbacks 3


Sustainability is more than a trend, but a way of life for many homeowners now and its influence on purchasing decisions means sustainability credentials are still high on the agenda when choosing a kitchen. In the workshop we are proud to use only sustainable timber in all of our projects and SieMatic is proud to be one of the highest-ranking manufacturers in Germany when it comes to sustainability. SieMatic only use wood that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - meaning all wood used in manufacturing was harvested in a sustainable way that protects the environment. SieMatic has also been awarded a number of other accreditations; the Golden ‘M’ quality seal from the German Furniture Association ensures an environmentally friendly production process whilst certifications from LGA Nurnberg ensure SieMatic products and manufacturing processes are continually tested for quality and environmental standards – SieMatic received the highest grade possible, with no other kitchen manufacturer achieving comparable results.

kitchen trends 2023 sustainability 3kitchen trends 2023 sustainability 2kitchen trends 2023 sustainability

Tailor trends to your kitchen

Incorporating the latest kitchen trends into your home is an exciting endeavor that requires expertise and vision. To truly bring your dream kitchen to life, we encourage you to take the next step and make an appointment with one of our experienced designers. Our team can provide personalised guidance to ensure your kitchen reflects your unique style and meets your specific needs. Whether you're seeking a minimalist oasis, a statement-making space, or a sustainable haven, our designers are here to transform your vision into reality. Collaborate with our experts and create a kitchen that not only embraces the trends but also becomes a cherished space where memories are made. Schedule an appointment today and let our designers craft a kitchen that exceeds your expectations and becomes the heart of your home.

By Chrissi Batey14/07/2023
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