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I've just returned from an intense but hugely enjoyable week at SieMatic's stunning headquarters in Löhne, Germany and I am buzzing with excitement!

As you would expect from a top German manufacturer, everything is done with such a high degree of professionalism, and an admirable love of the brand and its unparalleled reputation. The company's history is really a history of the development of built-in kitchens as we know them today, from a few free-standing dresser style cabinets to the sleek, minimalist look which is setting the pace in design across the world.

The original workshops built in 1929 still stand but are now surmounted by state-of-the-art, environmentally-conscious new buildings boasting some of the most amazing machinery.

The fabulous showroom plays host to SieMatic's unparalleled designs from the classically inspired BeauxArts to the cool contemporary S2 and SC/SE designs. What's really great for us at my fathers heart is that, while we were there, the displays were being upgraded to showcase the new Pure, Urban and Classic concepts - exactly what we bringing right here to off the press! But of course you don't have to wait. You can call us now to discuss SieMatic's stunning range and your requirements.

Being in Germany for a week has been an inspiring working break from the demands of project managing the new build on Broadfield Court, so it was great to come back to see all the progress, especially the beautifully polished concrete first floor. It's really coming together and with my head full of the amazing design concepts from SieMatic I can really get to grips with completing the showroom display designs.

By Jonathan Coulthard23/06/2015
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