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The pros and cons of handleless kitchens: The SieMatic PURE experience

the pros and cons of handleless kitchens the siematic pure experience

Ever since the introduction of the first truly handleless kitchen by SieMatic in the 1960s, handleless kitchens have been a popular choice for homeowners, offering a contemporary and sleek alternative to more traditional English or ‘shaker’ kitchen designs. Renowned for their innovative and elegant kitchen solutions, SieMatic has always been at the forefront of this design trend.

In this blog post we share the pros and cons of a SieMatic handleless kitchen.

The minimalist aesthetic: Handleless kitchens defined

Handleless kitchens are known for their minimalist and uncluttered appearance. SieMatic's decades of expertise in design shine through in their handleless PURE styles. From the simplicity of the S2 with a rounded recess channel to the ergonomic mitred angles and lighting of the SLX, SieMatic offers homeowners a seamless and modern approach that effortlessly integrates with both contemporary and traditional interiors alike. With clean lines and a focus on simplicity and quality above all else, SieMatic brings a touch of luxury to any kitchen.

modern handleless kitchensluxury handleless kitchens

Space and sophistication: Benefits of handleless cabinets

Handleless cabinets contribute to the illusion of space and sophistication by eliminating the visual interruption of handles. Choosing a handleless kitchen often follows the desire for an uncluttered space, and SieMatic's commitment to innovative storage solutions, such as the Le Mans corner solution or MultiMatic storage system, ensures every inch of a SieMatic PURE kitchen has been thoughtfully designed with this in mind. Meaning even compact kitchens can achieve a sense of openness and functionality when opting for a handleless design.

siematic handleless kitchenssiematic handleless kitchensiematic handleless kitchen design

Ease of maintenance and quality materials

The absence of handles and flat panel doors on cabinets and drawers means fewer crevices for dirt and grime to accumulate, allowing for ease of cleaning. Paired with SieMatic's use of high-quality, durable materials such as the ‘AntiPrint’ coating on their SimiLaque matt and matt lacquer door finishes, further simplifies care and maintenance, ensuring that a SieMatic handleless kitchen retains its beauty over time and with minimal effort.

ease of maintenance and quality materials

Safety and practicality in family homes

Handleless kitchens are inherently safer for households with young children due to the absence of protruding handles that reduce the risk of bumps and accidents, providing peace of mind to parents. SieMatic's dedication to functional design extends to safety considerations, and all doors and pull-outs are fitted with soft-closing hinges and runners, making their handleless kitchens a practical choice for families.

safety and practicality in family homes 2safety and practicality in family homes 1

Personalisation: Tailoring your kitchen to your style

SieMatic understands that personalisation is key to creating the perfect kitchen. Their PURE style range is available with an almost infinite variety of customisation options; the SieMatic colour system features eight exclusive colours that are available across all finishes or choose from 1,950 colours in the NCS colour spectrum when opting for lacquer surfaces, door textures range from cost-effective laminates to tactile real-wood veneers and brushed metals. Every expertly designed SieMatic PURE kitchen is planned with the end-user in mind and allows homeowners to choose finishes, colours, and configurations that align with not only their unique style preferences but lifestyle and budget too.

personalisation tailoring your kitchen to your style

Balancing cost and quality: The premium design

While the benefits of a SieMatic handleless kitchen are abundant, it's important to recognise that premium design comes with a price that is reflective of its quality. The timeless design and sophisticated elegance of a handleless PURE kitchen may lead to a higher initial investment; however, the lasting quality and aesthetic appeal of owning a SieMatic kitchen often justifies the cost for those who prioritise excellence in design: ‘when only the best will do’.

Addressing concerns: Practicality and appearance

One common concern with handleless kitchens is the visibility of fingerprints and smudges on doors and drawer fronts due to the absence of handles when opening or closing. Not only does the ergonomic design of the S2 and SLX recess channel mitigate this, but as previously mentioned, SieMatic employs high-quality finishes such as their ‘AntiPrint’ coating that resists fingerprints.

addressing concerns practicality and appearance

Diverse style preferences: SieMatic's alternate collections

Handleless kitchens might not align with everyone’s design style. Some homeowners may prefer the tactile sensation of traditional handles or have lifestyle preferences that don't harmonise with the minimalism of a SieMatic PURE kitchen. SieMatic addresses this by offering alternate and diverse style collections; URBAN - modular and asymmetrical it is a juxtaposition of textures and combination of open and closed spaces, CLASSIC - an elegant combination of values old and new, and their newest style collection, MONDIAL - characterised by the simplicity of geometric forms and opulent expressive materials.

diverse style preferences: siematic's alternate collections 1diverse style preferences: siematic's alternate collections 2diverse style preferences: siematic's alternate collections 3

Ergonomics and practicality: Considering user needs

It's important to recognise that some users might have ergonomic preferences that favour traditional handles. While SieMatic prioritises ergonomic design and functionality above all with their PURE collection, individuals with specific needs should carefully evaluate the practicality of a handleless kitchen for their daily use and could consider a mix of both handleless and cabinets with handles – especially when door opening can be more difficult. For example, integrated fridges and freezers have a magnetic seal closure to maintain their temperature but can feel ‘heavier’ to open as a result.

Installation excellence: Skilled cabinetmakers

SieMatic PURE handleless kitchens, due to their unique opening mechanisms via recess channels, require professional installation. SieMatic's commitment to excellence extends to installation and here at My Fathers Heart, all of our SieMatic kitchens are fitted by highly skilled and trained cabinetmakers that will ensure the highest level of quality finish and seamless functionality.

installation excellence skilled cabinetmakers1installation excellence skilled cabinetmakers2

The modern choice: SieMatic PURE handleless kitchens

In the dynamic landscape of kitchen design, SieMatic PURE handleless kitchens have emerged as the obvious stylish and functional choice, capturing the essence of modern living. SieMatic offers an array of benefits with their handleless kitchen solutions. From timeless aesthetics and space optimisation to innovative quality mechanisms and customisation options, a SieMatic handleless kitchen is a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality, luxury, and excellence. Ultimately, the decision to embrace the handleless trend depends on individual preferences, lifestyle, and the desire for a kitchen that seamlessly blends style and functionality. If you are considering a handleless kitchen and would like to further explore the SieMatic PURE range, please contact us to speak with a designer or pay a visit to our stunning Sheffield showroom for inspiration and to begin your dream kitchen journey.

By Chrissi Batey24/08/2023
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