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SieMatic kitchens – When only the best will do.

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SieMatic kitchens are renowned for their high quality, durability, and functionality. If you are looking for a stylish kitchen that is built to last, a SieMatic kitchen is the obvious choice.

Whether you are starting on your journey to a new kitchen or already have a good idea of what you’d like to achieve but just don’t know which manufacturer to choose, here are some of the reasons why you should consider a German kitchen from SieMatic: 


One of the biggest reasons to consider a German kitchen is the quality of the materials and construction. SieMatic kitchens are manufactured with the latest high-quality materials, such as striking wood veneers, glossy lacquers, durable laminates, or fingerprint reducing coatings such as their AntiPrint velvet-matt finish. They will not only last, but will remain beautiful for years to come. 

Thanks to factories equipped with the latest production technologies, SieMatic kitchens are widely known to be built with precision and attention to detail. This can be seen throughout the construction of a SieMatic cabinet. From the triple-layer furniture board carcass with dowelled multi-function tracking for shelf adjustments, to quality soft-close hinges and solid aluminium drawer boxes.

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SieMatic kitchens are designed to be both functional and stylish. Cabinets are available with a wide range of useful features. These include: the internal drawer with carry-out catch for additional storage, the 1.2m wide pan drawers that can hold up to 60kg and glide silently and effortlessly, and ‘anti-slip’ mat in every pull-out that means the sound of rattling pots and pans becomes extinct. Hinges and drawer runners are fitted as standard with a soft closing system, ensuring a quiet and gentle close no matter how hard you slam them shut. Corner cabinets can often go underutilised but the ‘Le Mans’ swing-out shelves are the perfect solution. Each shelf has the capacity to hold up to 25kg and ensure nothing gets lost at the back of a cabinet.

Internal organisation is not forgotten, and SieMatic offer a wide array of interior fittings specifically made for their cabinets, making them easy to use and keep organised. From solid wooden knife blocks to ceramic spice pots and soft flocked matting, SieMatic’s award-winning range of aluminium and wooden drawer dividers pair perfectly with their MultiMatic storage system which utilises hanging space on the back of cabinet doors.

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Aesthetic appeal

German kitchens are known for their clean, modern aesthetic and often, but not exclusively, tend to be handleless, follow clean lines, and have minimal fuss or decoration, allowing the quality of finish and functionality to speak for itself. This is a philosophy that was first introduced to the kitchen market by SieMatic themselves, who launched the first truly handleless kitchen, the ‘6006’, over 60 years ago. 

To commemorate this timeless aesthetic, SieMatic recently launched their ‘SLX PURE’ range, a re-imagination of the now classic handleless kitchen. It features a precision mitred and ergonomic angled recess channel delicately highlighted by an integral LED strip hidden within the handle construction. The SLX PURE has recently won its fifth prestigious international design award. 

The timeless, elegant style of a SieMatic kitchen can make your kitchen look and feel larger and more spacious, whilst the linear design feels almost furniture-like and can help a kitchen blend seamlessly within an open-plan living space. Comparatively, a sleek and minimal kitchen can look striking within a more traditional style home.

siematic slx

An expertly designed SieMatic kitchen can appeal to a wide range of personalities and suit all types of homes thanks to their four distinct design styles: PURE, URBAN, CLASSIC and MONDIAL. 

PURE encapsulates function and design combined with minimalist and sophisticated style. URBAN is more playful; modular and asymmetrical it is a juxtaposition of textures and combination of open and closed spaces. CLASSIC, as the name suggests, is an elegant combination of values old and new. Launched in 2022, MONDIAL is characterised by the simplicity of geometric forms and opulent expressive materials.

Behind any SieMatic kitchen is always their guiding design principle: ‘Timeless Elegance’. These two words describe what SieMatic has stood for since its founding over 90 years ago – design and quality that endure the test of time rather than following short-lived trends.

siematic pure
siematic urban
siematic classic
siematic mondial


Stringent quality control standards and increasing awareness mean German branded kitchens use sustainable materials where they can with ecologically aware production processes. SieMatic only use wood that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - meaning all the wood used in manufacturing was harvested sustainably in a way that protects the environment.

SieMatic has also been awarded a number of other accreditations; the Golden ‘M’ quality seal from the German Furniture Association ensures an environmentally friendly production process, whilst certifications from LGA Nurnberg ensure SieMatic products and manufacturing processes are continually tested for quality and environmental standards. SieMatic received the highest grade possible, with no other kitchen manufacturer achieving comparable results.

siematic kitchen sustainability

Value for money

If you take into consideration the quality of materials used, functionality and lifespan of your kitchen: with SieMatic kitchens lasting 20-30 years, we believe our kitchens offer great value for money. They are made with high-quality materials and construction and designed to be both functional and stylish for years to come. An expertly designed SieMatic by My Fathers Heart kitchen will stand the test of time as every kitchen is carefully planned and designed to suit your lifestyle and budget.

siematic kitchen value for moneysiematic kitchen value

Prefer the best? Choose a SieMatic kitchen 

If you love clean and contemporary designs, high-quality finishes and functional cabinets, a German manufactured kitchen is your natural choice; and we believe SieMatic is top of the tree when it comes to quality and beauty in the German kitchen market. 

If you are interested in a SieMatic kitchen, or would like to know more, you can arrange a design consultation with our SieMatic expert here. Or visit our state-of-the-art showroom in Sheffield that boasts four stunning SieMatic displays.

By Chrissi Batey14/07/2023
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