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SieMatic Haus Fair 2017

SieMatic Haus Fair 2017

How do you make the best better?

My Fathers Heart owner Jonathan Coulthard shares the sneak previews he and the team enjoyed last month at SieMatic’s Haus Fair 2017, where the drive to push up the bar of design excellence and innovation continues.

As we took our annual trip to Germany to experience the latest innovations from SieMatic, we were once again blown away by their continued drive to push up the bar.

Being impressed all over again started the minute we arrived in the immaculate SieMatic hall in Lohne. The cubed expanse of crisp clean lines hosted giant orbs of light dripping down the central staircase, mesmerising us all.

Our SieMatic hosts introduced us to the next generation of perfectly PURE kitchens inspired by Berlin’s brilliant architectural group Kinzo. We were struck by the ‘art of omission, elegantly framed’ - all perfectly complementing the minimalist design palette for the SieMatic kitchen.

Taking the ‘less is more’ concept to a new level, the new SieMatic architecturally-led geometry has a unique focus on cubism – highlighted using a 2cm angular brushed-steel recess channel to frame each feature.

Orientated around style, brand and budget, SieMatic has managed to retain its impeccable minimalist appearance yet, without compromising on quality, has launched a new handless kitchen range designed to appeal to an even greater audience.

The new monochrome kitchen concepts incorporate stone-effect and wood grain finishes within white, grey and black hues. Customers can choose finishes from a new range of carefully selected materials and colours including two stunning new java and onyx oak laminates and two pristine velvet-matt lacquer finishes. All consistent with the timeless, elegant SieMatic philosophy.

Can you actually cook in these stunning spaces, one asks? The answer by the way is ‘yes, with pleasure, ease and perfection’.

It’s gorgeous functional art: it’s sophisticated simplicity and - whether these are contradictions in terms – SieMatic has once again raised the standard of embedding technological brilliance within timeless, elegant comfort.

As the market leaders for innovative kitchen design, SieMatic didn’t disappoint us in their unveiling these new concepts, once again setting the standards ahead of their world counterparts.

Call in to our own beautiful showroom and see for yourself.

By Jonathan Coulthard10/05/2017
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