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Meet Julia Chisholm our Kitchen Designer

Meet Julia Chisholm our Kitchen Designer

As a Kitchen Designer, Julia Chisholm works behind the scenes to create bespoke blueprints for My Fathers Heart. She liaises closely with clients to develop an idea of their vision, then brings their dream kitchen to life using the latest interior design software and technology.

Julia is the main point of contact for workshop manager Tim Birtles, with the pair working together to ensure Julia's designs materialise into fabulous kitchens that combine form and function.

Let’s meet Julia…

Hi Julia, tell us more about your role at My Fathers Heart?

I’m responsible for designing clients’ kitchens and being aware of their specific requirements. I present them an aspirational lifestyle within their set budget and timescale. I joined in March 2017, so I’ve become a bit of a familiar face by now.

How would your colleagues describe you?

As well as being creative, they know I’m conscientious. A perfectionist too. Basically, I won’t rest until I’ve got the perfect design that I know clients will love.

Why would you recommend My Fathers Heart?

We’re dedicated to the client. We won’t just present standard ideas that are close to what they described. Our team pushes the boundaries with design, maintaining the highest level of attention to detail. You’ll see that in the results.

Do you have a favourite project you’ve worked on?

I worked on a particular project where the client really pushed boundaries on her new space. It was great working from 2D through to 3D and seeing the project evolve into an amazing space – not just for her but for all the family.

We challenged the space with different materials, textures, and finishes. Standing in the finished kitchen and seeing an amazing smile on the client’s face. You can’t beat that feeling.

What do you do away from work?

I’m really into walking, climbing and any outdoor activities. Actually, I’m part of a mountain rescue team, so I suppose you could say that’s my hobby.

By Jonathan Coulthard21/10/2019
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