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How we handcraft beautiful, sturdy and timeless kitchen cabinets

How we handcraft beautiful, sturdy and timeless kitchen cabinetry

Mark has been making furniture for 30 years and still gets immense satisfaction from working with fine hardwoods.

Hear from Mark about the process he undertakes to produce all our beautiful, sturdy and timeless kitchen cabinetry.

Handcrafting our cabinet doors

'Making the perfect handmade cabinet door starts with using the finest timbers which have been kiln dried to the correct moisture content. That ensures the stability of the door, reducing the risk of twisting and warping.

I plane the rough sawn boards into true, straight and smooth rails (the horizontal pieces) and stiles (the vertical pieces).

Our doors are made the traditional way using mortice and tenon joints and a groove to hold the panel in place.

Once all the components are ready and sanded up it’s important to check they’re square and have no twist…timber sometimes seems to have a mind of its own and cam misbehave!

The pieces are glued together with workshop cramps and using incredibly strong glue which creates a bond stronger than the wood itself.

After the glues have properly cured the clamps are removed and the fine sanding process begins. That means first working down the sandpaper ‘grits’ (or coarseness) and watching the figuring of the grain come to life and achieving a silky smooth finish.

Then they’re ready to be expertly fitted into the cabinet frames.'

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By Mark Pickering16/04/2020
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