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Beautiful things require careful handling

Beautiful things require careful handling

In this blog, we consider one of the smallest yet arguably one of the most influential aspects of design and why it takes an experienced eye to ensure that influence is perfect.

Which earrings look best with this?

Familiar question? Either one you’ve heard or one you’ve asked? It’s the all important finishing touch that defines a particular look. It’s the final statement of mood, character or style. From sophistication and glamour to minimalism, subtlety, classical elegance or the downright outrageous.

So what’s that got to do with fine furniture?

The jewels of beautiful, fine cabinetry are the handles. They’re suited perfectly to characterise the individual style of the ‘wearer’ and chosen with thoughtful precision to carefully complement the overall accent of the principal piece. Like a beautiful necklace or a leather wristband, handles can be used to dress the furniture up or tone it down, enhance subtle elegance or add dramatic flair.

Even though the handle is the last thing to be fitted - like our necklace or tie it’s often what draws the most attention.

Our homes are an extension of ourselves and the handles of our cabinets more than just final additions. They complete our furniture and reflect our personality.

With thousands to choose from, selecting the right handles or ‘jewellery’ creates a more fundamental statement than many people realise. And not everyone can easily decide what works best.

Does the crystalline shine of a clear gloss-lacquered silver-plated knob, like that of the delicate sparkle of a diamond earring, reinforce your style? Or do you find only the very best, full-grained, drum-dyed, Tuscan saddle leather door-pull to be a true extension of yourself?

Or perhaps you prefer nothing at all. In that case, your taste would lie with the minimalist purity of the handleless design, created by the award-winning SieMatic kitchen designers.

And as with all design excellence, it’s about more than just the look. It’s about the perfect blend of form and function. How does each handle feel, how easy is it to hold? Again, it’s about the personal satisfaction we get from the touch of those soft edges or the sharp angular irregularity beneath our grasp.

The ‘wearer’ has something to do with it too. The unique style and palette of our cabinetry fundamentally influences the final choice of handle. A beautiful, satin, antique lacquered cup handle can appear undeniably timeless as it sits proudly against a contrasting hand-painted Inchyra blue cupboard, whereas carefully selected hand-shaped fronts can provocatively emphasise the soft contours of a naked pale European Oak door.

It’s the part of the door we touch and use endlessly and can be a true indicator of the overall quality of our furniture. So much so that handles are often themselves a bespoke design, because everyone is different.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We do. Not everyone can handle these things well, but we can.

Come and visit our beautiful showroom.

By Jonathan Coulthard03/06/2018
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