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A visit to the SieMatic Headquarters in Löhne, Germany


Our new designer Sammy has just visited the home of SieMatic, Germany for her introduction to their beautiful kitchens, here she tells us about her experience…

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting the SieMatic Headquarters in Löhne, Germany, for the first time.

My Fathers Heart is the region’s exclusive SieMatic partner and, although we have our own stunning SieMatic displays in our Sheffield showroom, it was time for me to visit them and learn more about what’s coming up.  Here are just a few of the exciting highlights I saw.

SieMatic German Kitchen Showroom VisitSieMatic German Kitchen Showroom Visit

People had told me how spectacular their showroom is so I was really excited to see it in real life and it didn’t disappoint! When I eventually arrived, it blew me away with how magnificent it is.

Its 22 display kitchens designed to perfection and the interior and architecture around them are expertly designed too, creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

Floating’ shelves

Of all the beautiful products, the one that stood out the most to me was the SLX glass cabinets.

SieMatic glass cabinets have always been exquisitely designed, but the SLX glass cabinets feel more opulent and elegant. The metal frame and the glass shelves are 6.5mm thick, giving the cabinet a contemporary feel. The frame can be either stainless steel, gold bronze or black and there is the option for the exterior sides to be glass, creating an openness to the interior.

What I love the most about the SLX glass cabinets is the way the shelves are fitted. Instead of having drill holes on the sides of the carcase, a profile is hidden behind the back panel, and this is where the shelves and drawers are slotted into place, creating the illusion that they are floating. The width of the shelves and drawers are shorter than the width of the carcase, adding to this illusion.

Lights, of course, can be added to the glass cabinet, which makes them a stunning focal point in the room, which they should be. I believe the SLX glass cabinets are going to become a popular choice when designing not only the kitchen, but various rooms in the house.

SieMatic German Kitchen Showroom VisitSieMatic German Kitchen Showroom Visit

Lavish new finishes to look out for

SieMatic German Kitchen Showroom VisitSieMatic German Kitchen Showroom Visit

Having visited the showroom and seen all the different SieMatic door colours and finishes, I suspect the metallic doors will be an upcoming trend for the kitchen. The metallic doors come in a metal laminate, with colours including: brushed platinum, brushed champagne, brushed bronze, and brushed rose gold. There are also aluminium doors with framed 6.5mm fronts in  colours such as: nickel colour brushed, brushed gold bronze and black matt brushed. Metallic doors may seem an unusual choice for a kitchen, but they create a modern and lavish interior - one you will want to show off and which I can see becoming a trend within city apartments.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time visiting the SieMatic Headquarters. Although we are SieMatic experts right here in our own Sheffield showroom, it was fascinating to learn more about the love and precision to detail SieMatic put into their furniture.

Every little aspect is carefully thought about to design a product that is not only highly functional for the end user but is also incredibly beautiful. I am looking forward to the next time I have the opportunity to go.

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By Sammy Gibson28/10/2021
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