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2024 kitchen trends

2024 kitchen design trends
SieMatic kitchen Designed by Summers Studio, Seattle

An exciting new year brings new opportunities for home improvement and 2024 could be the year you decide to invest in a new kitchen. Whilst choosing a new kitchen is a deeply personal process, to some it can seem daunting and that’s why our expert designers are here to inspire and advise you through all stages of the journey.

Read on to find out our designer’s tips and trends for kitchen design in the coming year.

Minimal Luxe

Introduced last year, the minimal luxe aesthetic is predicted to surge in popularity across all areas of interior design in 2024. In kitchens it encompasses a focus on exquisitely made cabinetry in neutral colour palettes with an emphasis on ‘luxe’ detailing such as soft metals, subtle lighting, and sumptuous marble look worktops. Minimal Luxe is never showy or ostentatious but encompasses sophistication and refined luxury.  

In anticipation of this trend SieMatic recently introduced a new finish to their colour system; ‘Sahara Beige’ a soft, elegant ‘off-white’ that pairs beautifully with brushed metals and warm woods alike.

kitchen trends 2024 minimal luxe
SieMatic S2 kitchen in ‘Sahara Beige’ and ‘Lotus White’ with ‘Taj Mahal’ granite worktops and splashback

Layered lighting

While lighting has always been an important part of kitchen design; we are seeing an emphasis on versatile and ambient lighting that not only enhances the functionality of the kitchen but creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that can transition from day to night.

From the subtle lines of SieMatic’s SLX recess channel to backlit display shelving and sensor-controlled pantry lighting, a thoughtful lighting scheme can truly elevate your kitchen design.

2024 kitchen trends layered lighting
The new Sie Matic LP16 lighting shelf now available in black
my fathers heart handmade kitchen with backlit open shelving
My Fathers Heart handmade kitchen with backlit open shelving
siematic slx kitchen with atmospheric lighting designed by siematic du port, antwerp
SieMatic SLX kitchen with atmospheric lighting.
Designed by SieMatic du Port, Antwerp

Warm wood tones

Timber finishes in kitchens have made a significant comeback in recent years thanks to the popularity of Scandi design. We are seeing a demand for authentic, natural wood textures in warm tones that celebrate the beauty and versatility of timber.

Introducing wood to your kitchen design can provide depth and texture whilst pairing beautifully with brushed metals and natural stones to create an elegant and inviting space for years to come.

2024 kitchen trends warm wood tones
SieMatic S2 kitchen with ‘Alba Oak’ real wood veneer
Designed by KONST SieMatic, Bethesda
my fathers heart handmade textural wine rack in warm oak
My Fathers Heart handmade textural wine rack in warm oak

Mixed materials

Alongside the resurgence of warm woods, we are introducing more textures and tones to schemes in innovative ways to create an immersive and sensory experience. No longer confined to one or two colours, tactile materials are being celebrated and layering multiple finishes can create an inviting kitchen full of colour and texture. Think painted cabinetry paired with stained woods, textured metals, glossy mirrors, and natural stone worktops.

Paint colour palates are also expected to take inspiration from these natural materials as we move away from grey and see an increase in warm, earthy tones such as muddy ochres, rich browns and calming greens alongside warm rather than cool toned neutrals.

my fathers heart handmade ‘bora lab’ featuring stained timber and brushed metal splashback
My Fathers Heart handmade ‘BORA lab’ featuring stained timber and brushed metal splashback
2024 kitchen trends mixed materials
SieMatic kitchen using a mix of materials and textures.
@theartofliving.online Designed by Aswa Keukens, Netherlands

Stainless steel

Having taken a back seat to brass, rose gold and black metals in the last few years; sleek and practical stainless steel is set to make its return. Traditionally used in professional kitchens we’ve seen its popularity increase; in part thanks to popular TV shows that show behind the scenes of restaurant kitchens, but also in thanks to professional grade luxury home appliances; consumers have become increasingly confident home-chefs who desire spacious prep areas for experimenting and a pared-back professional look kitchen to match.

Often overlooked, but exceptionally beautiful in its own right; stainless steel has long been recognised for its hygienic properties and durability. As stainless steel ages it will acquire an elegant and distinctive patina of scratches through use that only adds to its unique character. If you are not entirely invested in the industrial look, consider pairing stainless steel with wood and natural stone for a warmer, more refined feel.

kitchen trends stainless steelstainless steel
SieMatic kitchen with 6mm brushed steel worktop and splashback

Extra-large fridges

When considering a new kitchen increased storage is often at the top of the list but the storage capabilities of a fridge can often be overlooked - till now. A larger fridge can store more food, resulting in less frequent trips to the supermarket and paired with innovative food preservation technology your food will last longer, and food waste is reduced. With an increasing emphasis on home cooking from scratch, we are seeing a decrease in the need for freezer space in the main kitchen and increase in the desire for additional fridge space. Many top appliance brands such as Sub-Zero, V-Zug and Liebherr offer super-sized refrigerators up to 91cm in width. Typically available with brushed stainless steel doors or to be fitted with bespoke cabinet fronts, they can be incorporated to suit any style of kitchen.

extra large fridges kitchen trends
My Fathers Heart handmade kitchen featuring Sub-Zero Classic refrigeration

‘Back’ kitchens

Whilst the idea of a secondary ‘back’ kitchen may sound like an extravagant luxury, for those embarking on a large-scale extension or undertaking a new build, it has become increasingly common to include. A secondary space, separated from the main kitchen which may feature an additional sink and dishwasher, pantry-style storage, and ample work surface to house small appliances or for added prep space. In an open plan layout the primary kitchen can remain clean and  clutter-free which is ideal for those who love to entertain.

‘back’ kitchens
A ’back’ kitchen concealed by SieMatic’s pocket door system

And trends from 2023 we will continue to see…

Concealed storage

Alongside smart storage solutions we are still seeing a demand for clean lines and clear worktops, which is where our experience as both designers and cabinetmakers really comes into play. We get a number of specific requests for ‘breakfast cabinets’ (worktop mounted larder units) that can house small worktop appliances such a toaster and coffee machine, alongside shelving for cereal boxes and crockery, all of which can be effortlessly hidden away when not in use (and hiding any mess!). Whether using sliding panels, bi-fold or slide-away hinges, the result is always a seamless and clutter-free kitchen.

consealed storage
SieMatic’s new ‘appliance garage’, a perfect solution for L-shape kitchens: with lift flap or hinged door it has a pull-out shelf and two flush mounted sockets behind

Expressive worktops

While classic marble looks such as ‘Calacatta’ and ‘Carrara’ will always be popular, we are seeing a rise in more colourful and expressive stones chosen for worktops. Whether you like the unique finishes of natural granite, where no two slabs are the same; or prefer the indestructible properties of a man-made composite surface such as Dekton from Cosentino, cabinets are taking a back seat allowing worktops to be centre stage. Lively veining stretches across monolith-like islands with stone flowing seamlessly down the sides, while soaring splashbacks in striking patterns could almost be a work of art itself.

my fathers heart handmade kitchen with dekton xgloss worktops and splashback in ‘natura’
My Fathers Heart handmade kitchen with Dekton XGloss worktops and splashback in ‘Natura’

Beginning your dream kitchen journey

If you are feeling inspired, please get in touch to make an appointment with one of our expert designers. We will personally guide you through the process from initial design to installation completion, ensuring that your kitchen not only reflects your unique style but more importantly functions beautifully. Whether you are a trend-follower, or trend-setter your kitchen should be a cherished space where memories are made – schedule an appointment today and let us bring the heart to your home.

By Chrissi Batey17/01/2024
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