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Art, in all its media, exemplifies any human state of being, whether used for expression or provocation.

The presence of artwork within the home can bring order to a room. It can not only unify all the creative elements within that room but give our belongings fluidity and place.

The placement and choice of our collective pieces, whether they be painting or sculpture, photography or artefacts, can adjust our state of mind and enhance our level of tranquillity.

Our selection of art is for both the outside observer ie our guests – to offer enlightenment into our unique minds and experiences, yet also very much for ourselves – to conjure emotions and restore memories.

Art provokes reflection and opinion; it becomes a wordless translation; a gift of understanding to those that appreciate it, therefore each piece of work should be displayed as such.

No two pieces of hand-created works are the same and no two responses to that creation will, likewise, correlate. Art reflects the Self; our internal reactions derive from our unique experiences, thus the importance of surrounding ourselves with the perfect pieces in our optimal setting is imperative to invoke harmony and well-being. Mis-placed, or even spaced, pieces can quickly lose their charm and emit a feeling of chaos into our surroundings.

Colour, medium, texture, subject, material, form and purpose all differ from piece to piece leaving our options endless and our freedom for diversity and individuality to thrive.

To complement our furniture and other personal belongings, our works of art need to be positioned with precision in our rooms. To enhance the creativity of each piece, lighting is of the upmost importance.

The correct piece of work in any given space can tie all other elements of that room together, drawing on, fundamentally, depth, pigment, textures and outlines. Choosing the right painting can complete the look and feel of any given area.

For example, in a room displaying the most eclectic of tastes, choosing a painting that draws on that variety of design can give it all purpose and reason.

Likewise, within a naturalistic space promoting minimalism, an interjection of vibrancy, in colour and shape, can lift the atmosphere that surrounds it and, subsequently, adjust the emotion of anyone that walks into that space.

It is the conjured response to the artwork that is the artwork itself.

For those of us who spend a lot of time pottering around our kitchen; whether whilst cooking for the family, working from home or simply relaxing in the evening with a well-deserved tipple, the layout of our interior space can influence the levels of chaos or harmony within our lives. The design of our most frequented surroundings must complement our personal routine.

Whether consciously or subconsciously; we mould our environment to suit our individual lifestyles, and open-plan living has become the future. The importance of creating the perfect layout within our homes, and the perfect interiors within that layout, is a step further into contemporary ideal living.

Innovative new interior design now allows us to adjust not just the rooms of our home, but also the cupboards and drawers within those rooms, to accommodate how we each live and work. We can utilise every corner whilst truly maximising on the space we already own. And our options are endless!

The satisfaction of everything having it’s rightful place, from keepsakes to herbs & spices to the multitude of modern electronics we seem to now possess, shows that storage solutions have a valid place in our busy chaotic lives.

At My Fathers Heart, every element of a handmade kitchen or item of furniture is meticulously designed to suit the individuality of our customer. We can construct furniture to be as perfectly useful as it is resoundingly beautiful - the interior of that sideboard, wardrobe, television unit, bookshelf, kitchen cabinet should be as satisfying to use as the body is to admire.


Our world leading SieMatic kitchens also clearly, and thoroughly, understand the importance of storage in our modern lives. The top SieMatic designers have devised a whole spectrum of interior arrangements to aid the way in which we each use our drawers and cupboards, from beautifully veneered drawer-dividers to a MultiMatic tracking system that allows you to move any shelf to a 1.5cm variant within any cupboard.

Photo credit: SieMatic

Here at My Fathers Heart we do understand that it’s not only the formation of our living space that can enhance peace and order into our daily lives, but also the way in which we are able to organise our possessions within that space. And we know that no two people are the same.